Event Zero Trailer

Event Zero by LethargyReleased at X’2023 demopartyCode: EGO, Schedar, Strepto, VisageMusic: VincenzoGFX, Charset: GrassDesign: SlySpy


Underrated – Lethargy [C64][Intro]Released at #QB Party 2023 demopartyCode: EGO, VisageMusic: SquareWavePETSCII GFX, Charset: Grass

Rest In Peace HIC 

Rest In Peace HICC64 DemoRelease date: 24 February 2023Code: Oswald/Censor Design, Resource, Schedar, Sei, Strepto | Music: SquareWave, Vincenzo | Graphics: Grass, Leon | Charset: H.I.C., LeonDownload link.


EffectsC64 4K introRelease date: 3 December 2022Code: Strepto | Music: Vincenzo | Graphics: Shadow/GP & Noice | Help: dev0Download link.

All Hallows’ Eve

All Hallows’ EveC64 DemoRelease date: 30 October 2022Code: EGO, Visage | Graphics: GrassDownload link.


F20C64 DemoRelease date: 11 September 2022Code: dev0, Loloke, Oswald of Censor Design&Resource, Schedar, Sei, Strepto, Visage | Music: Vincenzo | Graphics: Grass, zscsDownload link.

Stamps Back

Stamps BackC64 One-File DemoRelease date: 11 September 2022Code: Schedar | Music: Vincenzo | Graphics: GrassDownload link.

Releases and members

Lethargy crew welcomes SquareWave & Necropolo.And we released many 🙂 things at BCC Party #16.