Improvatorus Maximus

The C64 Grand Tour – January 2021 – GMC V2 January 2021 is over, 2 composers successfully completed this month’s GrandTour challenge where they had to use GMC V2 and … Read More

CRT image of only sprite compo

You don’t have to load Only Sprites Compo entries 1 by 1. A single .CRT file that contains each release with a comfortable selector screen is available at: link. #c64#commodore64#demoscene#crt#cartridge#onlyspritescompo

” UC ” real hardware video capture

It’s not just a “Unfortunate Coincidence” that we released an entry for Raistlin’s Only Sprite Competition.From Lethargy with love to the C64 demoscene: and vote: #demoscene #competition #onlysprite … Read More

Unfortunate Coincidence

Unfortunate Coincidence/Lethargy Our entry for the “Only Sprites Compo” (, don’t forget to vote! And some background informations about this production from Strepto:

Youtube channel

As the first step of archiving our releases, 5 Shades of Grey is now available on our official Youtube channel, Captured by d’Avid using original C64 hardware: Subscribe & follow … Read More